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A.I. Crochet Monsters

This project was created to explore the ways in which I can utilize DALL-E mini as a medium to design crochet monsters. Below you will find an ai generated image, on the left, and a 3d crocheted model of the same design along with the text prompt that I submitted to the ai gernerator. Follow @iaskedai on Instagram to stay updated on future developments. 

Orange Crochet Monster at the Pool

download (89).png

Teal Rectangle Crochet Monster.

download (64).png

Small Purple Crochet Monster

download - 2022-05-25T153604.641.png

Crochet Monster in a Seedy Jazz Bar.

download (14).png
crochet monster in a seedy jazz bar

Green Vampire Crochet Monster

dalle green vampire
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