Rebecca "Becca" Cook

Grew up in Palmdale, CA

Lives & works in Savannah, GA

Rebecca "Becca" Cook is a visual artist, entertainer, and mother who works in textiles, performance, installation, and painting. Rebecca spent her early childhood in the high desert and coastline of southern California, later moving to the lowcountry of South Carolina and Georgia.


In October 2019, Cook collaborated with fellow artist Shelley Smith to create “11x11,” an exhibition featuring 11 artists to benefit 11 lives. Earlier in the year she released “Unwanted Hands,” a social media photographic performance piece featuring a hand-crafted dress depicting instances of sexual assault that the artist had experience. And in late 2018 she presented “1500 Hearts for the ACLU,” a fiber installation at the Anderson Warehouse designed to bring awareness to the “illegal children” being held against their will at the border between the United States and Mexico. 


Cook also manages Escape Savannah, an art collective and escape room experience. She teaches private lessons in crochet and lace making, and also volunteers her time to crochet and knit with dementia patients as a form of art therapy.

Art, says Rebecca Cook, “is a compulsion. I don’t know how not to create. I’ve never had an artist block or anything like that. Every waking moment, my brain is churning out creativity. I don’t know how to sit still."

“I’m a workaholic – and creativity is a way to meditate and to release tension. For me, it’s necessary self-care.”

Becca's work can be found at Roots Up Gallery, Brighter Day Natural Foods, and Sulfur Studios. All are in Savannah, GA. 

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 "Scarf in the Park" Forsyth Park, Savannah GA

2019 "1500 Hearts" Anderson Warehouse, Savannah GA

2017 "Planets" Skinny Gallery, Savannah GA

2016 "Scarf" Skinny Gallery, Savannah GA

2015 “Double Vision” Sulfur Studios, Savannah GA

2014 “Static” Colony Hotel, Miami FL

2014 “Two Feathers” Anahata Healing Arts, Savannah GA


Group Exhibitions:

2020 "Telfair Gala" Telfair Museum Savannah, GA

2019 "Soft" Sulfur Studios Savannah, GA

2019 "White Elephant" Sulfur Studios, Savannah GA

2019 "WRUU Benefit" Location Gallery, Savannah GA

2019 "New Arts Exhibit" Roots Up Gallery, Savannah GA

2019 "Christmas Showcase" Cedar House Gallery

2019 "Garbage Town Public Performance" Southern Pine, Savannah GA

2019 "Pookie Pie Puppet Parade (Performance)" The Jinx, Savannah GA

2019 "11x11 Show" Total Fabrications, Savannah GA

2017 "Personal Is Political" Non-Fiction Gallery, Savannah GA

2016 “Faith” Non-Fiction Gallery, Savannah GA

2016 “Sketch” Sulfur Studios, Savannah GA

2015 “Voting Block” Sulfur Studios, Savannah GA

2014 “Shrimp” Norton Art Center, Atlanta GA

Awards and Prizes:

2016 Honorable Mention, Juried exhibition “Faith”

Non Fiction Gallery, Savannah GA


2015 Number 7, Top 10 Art shows of 2015

Savannah Art Informer



Teaching and employment:


Current Manager of theatrical game experience, Escape Savannah


2017 Owner and curator for Skinny Gallery, Savannah, GA


2016 Guest teacher, Starlandia Art Supply, Savannah GA


2015 Curator, Anahata Healing Arts, Savannah, GA


Awards and Recognition

Received high regard for her art installation "Chains" as number 7 of Savannah Art Informer's Top 10 Art Shows of 2015.

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