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Becca Cook

Becca Cook is a folk artist from the Islands off of the coast of Savannah, GA. Becca's mediums include but are not limited to needlework, lacemaking, dollcrafting, performance, installation, and painting.


Cook also manages Escape Savannah, an art collective and escape room experience. She teaches private lessons in crochet and lace making, and also volunteers her time to crochet and knit with dementia patients as a form of art therapy.

Art, says Becca Cook, “is being alive. I don’t know how not to create. I’ve never had an artist block. Every waking moment, my brain is churning out creativity, even when I am sleeping I am dreaming my own universe that I want to share. I love to be involved within my creative community of like minds to build puppet shows, musical performances and art installations and much more. To me art is not a just a career, art is my way of life, everyday. To play, to bring joy, ideas, thoughtfulness, and a community of care is what I strive to do. Art is a natural fit, I could not imagine doing anything else."

Becca's work can be found at Escape Savannah and here in her online shop. For doll commissions please contact Becca directly at

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 "Scarf in the Park" Forsyth Park, Savannah GA

2019 "1500 Hearts" Anderson Warehouse, Savannah GA

2017 "Planets" Skinny Gallery, Savannah GA

2016 "Scarf" Skinny Gallery, Savannah GA

2015 “Double Vision” Sulfur Studios, Savannah GA

2014 “Static” Colony Hotel, Miami FL

2014 “Two Feathers” Anahata Healing Arts, Savannah GA

2021 "Ok Bloomer" Open Studio Experience, Savannah, GA


Group Exhibitions:

2021 "OK Bloomer" Fall Installation, Open Studio Show, Savannah, GA 

2021 "Altars, Group Show. Cosmic Corner, Savannah, GA

2021 "Savannah Samhain Community Mask Show" Cosmic Corner, Savannah, GA

2021 "Spring Festival Performance" Saw The Wheel Production, Cosmic Corner, Savannah, GA

2021 "The March Hare" Saw The Wheel Production, Tybee Arts Association


2020 "Meet The Flergles" Social Media Photo Production

2020 "Telfair Gala" Telfair Museum Savannah, GA

2019 "Soft" Sulfur Studios Savannah, GA

2019 "White Elephant" Sulfur Studios, Savannah GA

2019 "WRUU Benefit" Location Gallery, Savannah GA

2019 "New Arts Exhibit" Roots Up Gallery, Savannah GA

2019 "Christmas Showcase" Cedar House Gallery

2019 "Garbage Town Public Performance" Southern Pine, Savannah GA

2019 "Pookie Pie Puppet Parade (Performance)" The Jinx, Savannah GA

2019 "11x11 Show" Total Fabrications, Savannah GA

2017 "Personal Is Political" Non-Fiction Gallery, Savannah GA

2016 “Faith” Non-Fiction Gallery, Savannah GA

2016 “Sketch” Sulfur Studios, Savannah GA

2015 “Voting Block” Sulfur Studios, Savannah GA

2014 “Shrimp” Norton Art Center, Atlanta GA

Awards and Prizes:

2016 Honorable Mention, Juried exhibition “Faith”

Non Fiction Gallery, Savannah GA


2015 Number 7, Top 10 Art shows of 2015

Savannah Art Informer


Teaching and employment:


Current Manager of theatrical game experience, Escape Savannah


2017 Owner and curator for Skinny Gallery, Savannah, GA


2016 Guest teacher, Starlandia Art Supply, Savannah GA


2015 Curator, Anahata Healing Arts, Savannah, GA


Awards and Recognition

Received high regard for her art installation "Chains" as number 7 of Savannah Art Informer's Top 10 Art Shows of 2015.

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